Volume of cubes and cuboids 2

Practice solving problems in geometry

Quick Math Guide
    ∰ Volume of a cube = side x side x side
    ∰ Volume of a cuboid = length x breadth x height

    Practice Worksheet

    1. A box is 18.2 cm long, 10 cm broad and 2 cm thick. Find its volume.

    2. A fish tank can hold 100 m³ of water. Its height is 10 m and breadth is 5 m. Find its length.

    3. A brick is 10 cm long, 5 cm broad and 5 cm high. Find its volume.

    4. Find the height of a cuboid of length 13 cm, breadth 7 cm and volume 182 cm³.

    5. A room is 12 m long, 5 m broad and 10 m high. Find the volume of the room.